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The Trans Agenda

by Theo, 14 – 8th Jan 2018

My grandparents go to a discussion group where them and their peers talk about ‘topical issues’. The other day, I talked to granny about the LGBT+ community specifically about transgender people. I would consider myself a person who knows a fair bit about these sorts of ‘issues’. I have educated myself because I think that it’s important to be aware of different groups of people and how they identify. It teaches acceptance. I also think that it’s important for everyone to know about these types of things so I didn’t mind giving my opinion. I had a lot to say!

Trans celebrities? Unisex toilets?

Granny asked me what I thought about transgender representation in the media,  and whether something should be done about who can go in which public bathrooms. I said that with celebrities like Caitlin Jenner, I feel that it was made to seem like a bigger deal than it was, possibly making it harder for other celebrities and just regular people to come out. Also I think that unisex toilets are totally okay and it shouldn’t really be anyone’s problem who’s in the same bathroom as them. Fathers take their daughters into male toilets and mothers take their sons to female toilets. It’s not much different to that.

Different generations

It was interesting to hear what granny thought, as I usually surround myself with people who have similar opinions to me. I would say that me and my friends are pretty open minded which honestly probably just comes from not caring that much. I think we accept what people do as long as they’re not hurting anybody else. I think that other people should definitely learn about different types of people and, since granny is 62 years older than me, it makes it hard to relate between the generations and the gap between the people who are identifying as trans and the people who should learn to understand it seems quite big – when actually it’s not.

I think that other people care more about someone’s gender identity than that person cares themselves and I don’t think that people I know will change their mind about how they want to identify in the future because if they weren’t serious, they wouldn’t have ever come out in school – as it has clearly been a struggle. I was glad to have someone listen as often people will assume that they’re right without hearing other opinions especially on this subject matter.


She also asked me if the trans kids that I know get bullied and, honestly, yes, they do. I hear people talking about them sometimes, using the wrong names and pronouns on purpose and generally not being very sensitive about how they say things. But bullies will always bully. There will always be something that they will find to pick on and transphobia is a useful tool to help them seem on top.

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  1. This is a really good article, you are completely right about the age gap causing problems in communications. It’s a very important issue

  2. Very gopod info. Lucky me I discovered your blog by accident.
    I have book-marked it for later!

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