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10 things that help me when I’m struggling

by Kate – 15th Jan 2018

Some days are better than others. I might wake up feeling like I can tackle the day ahead, but sometimes it can feel really challenging. When I’m struggling with low mood or anxiety, just getting up and dressed can feel like a mission. Sometimes the only thing I can manage is to pass the time and hold on until the feelings pass.

Here are some thing that help me pass the time when I’m struggling, which can help me to reach the other side of the difficult place I’m in.

  • Open the curtains… if I can’t manage to go out, l Iet some of the world in. Sitting in the dark isn’t good for my mood and letting in a little light or fresh air can help motivate me to see outside of the bubble I’m in at that moment.
  • Have a sick day… Just because it’s my brain that’s feeling poorly, doesn’t mean that I can’t look after it, as I would if I had flu or a bug. Taking a mental health day can help me feel better in the long run and give me the strength I need to feel better.
  • Learn something new… I recently learnt to crochet…there are lots of tutorials for different crafts or hobbies online e.g. on YouTube or Pinterest

  • Watch a new series from start to finish…to take some time to focus on self care and have a watch of something I’ve had on my list for a while.
  • Turn off technology… sometimes a day away from my phone and social media can be really helpful. It can feel like you have to always be ‘ok’ online and sometimes a little bit of a break away from the pressure of having to have a perfect life, can do me a whole lot of good.
  • Look for positive or inspirational quotes… I keep a little notebook full of the things that inspire me which really helps if I’m feeling low. If I don’t feel up to finding more quotes, I have a read through any I’ve already collected

Anything that is stuck can be unstuck

  • Keep hydrated… dehydration can really impact on my mental health and cause me to struggle to concentrate or feel lethargic. Keeping hydrated can help me feel a little more energetic or at least stop me feeling worse.
  • Write about the way I’m feeling… there are so many different ways to record how you’re feeling and write it out. Whether you like to keep a journal, write a blog or poetry. I find there are lots of prompts available online to give me something to start with too
  • Rest! … when I’m struggling, sometimes the best thing to do is to build up my strength so I can tackle how I’m feeling tomorrow.
  • Soothe soothe soothe… things that comfort me can help build up my strength and resilience. Whether it’s my cat or snuggly blanket, a favourite smell or even music or films, these things can make me feel calmer can help build me up.

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