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Your body is calling. Are you listening?

by Greta – 25th Apr 2024

The Mind-Body Connection

I have recently attended a health fair in Barcelona, with many health professionals who share my same passion. Health and Well-being.

This event was different. It was not the usual theoretical knowledge sharing, latest medications and inventions, and blah blah blah… it was more personal. A beautiful woman called Ashley who came to talk about the Mind-Body relationship specifically stood out to me. Although I have read and learned a lot about it, she was able to make me reflect more than I have ever done before, especially on aspects of my life that I believed to be healthy and supporting my well-being.

Imagine this: For two years, I hit the gym hard, doing intense workouts every day. It became a thoughtless habit. The motto was simple: no pain, no gain. But amid the clanging weights and rhythmic treadmill runs, something didn’t feel right. I felt fatigued most of the time and I was not able to enjoy it anymore. It was like my body was telling me to slow down, but I was too focused on pushing through. After listening to Ashely, I realized I hadn’t been paying attention to what my body was telling me, so I started listening. It took a simple conversation with myself to hear that my body was screaming for a change in my relentless routine.

I understood why I’d lost my gym enthusiasm and felt drained. I’d been pushing too hard in the wrong way, and it was taking a toll on both my body and mind. But recognizing the problem was just the start. With newfound awareness, I changed my approach, opting for different workouts and focusing on what my body needed. I listened, really listened, and discovered the power of nourishing my body properly. Since then, things have changed. I feel more connected to exercise, finding joy in the journey rather than just the result. As I continue to learn and grow, one thing is clear: true wellness comes from tuning in to what your body is telling you, and effectively managing symptoms can help you feel better overall.

Do you take time out of your day to listen to your body?

So, listening to our bodies isn’t zoning out or ignoring what they’re telling us. It’s about leaning in, feeling those sensations, and being curious about what they’re trying to say. It’s like giving your body the mic and letting it drop some truth bombs on your brain. But here’s the kicker: listening to your body isn’t always the easiest thing. When we feel something weird or uncomfortable, our instinct is to push it away or pretend it’s not there.
We’re like, “Oh, I’ll deal with that tomorrow,” as if tomorrow is some magical fix-it day.

Spoiler alert: tomorrow never really comes, does it? We keep pushing stuff off until it’s too late or until it blows up in our faces. But here’s the thing: our bodies are chatty little things. They’re constantly whispering (or sometimes screaming) messages to us about our health. Those twinges, pains, and weird feelings? They’re like our body’s way of sending smoke signals.

So, instead of brushing them off or hitting the snooze button, maybe it’s time we paid attention. Those symptoms? They’re trying to tell us something important, whether it’s about our physical health or our emotional well-being. And if we start listening, we might just learn a thing or two about ourselves along the way.

Tips for becoming a better listener:

  • Take some time out of your day to connect with yourself and listen to your body. This can be done by simply tuning in or yoga and meditation practices.
  • Keep a daily journal of how you are feeling. This can include how well you are eating, sleeping, and exercising.
  • Stay with your physical and emotional sensations and get curious about them. Be kind and compassionate towards yourself. Especially when experiencing discomfort or pain.

By incorporating these tips into your daily life, you can strengthen your connection with your body’s sensations and become a more attentive and responsive listener to its needs!

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Listening to our bodies means learning to:

  • Becoming more grounded in the here and now. This means that you will be less stuck in the past and thinking about the future which can benefit your health and well-being.
  • Find words to physically describe your experience and emotions. This can reduce the intensity and overwhelming emotions.
  • Feel and be with your experience. Instead of avoiding or resisting our feelings, we learn to acknowledge and accept them. By allowing ourselves to fully experience our emotions, we create space for healing and growth.
  • Take control. Not to be at the mercy of your emotions and experiences. Emotions are involuntary, however, there are things that we can do that can change them.

Even if it can feel hard to tune in sometimes it is a habit that is worth cultivating. As you learn your body’s signals, you will find it easier to talk to positively manage your health! Your body is calling… Will you listen?

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  1. This is a fantastic reminder to take some time out of my day to listen to my body and what I need. Thank you for sharing this great article.

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