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Podcast #21: Turning bad days into better days

Join me, Greta, on the MindMate Podcast, as we navigate the ups and downs of life, delving into evidence-based research on the viscous cycle of low mood. I share personal experiences and effective tips to break free from the cycle, while engaging in insightful interviews with MindMate ambassadors, Iliham and Kim. Let’s turn bad days into better ones together!

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In this podcast Greta references the book ‘Why has nobody told me this before? by Dr Julie Smith.


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  1. Thank you for articulating the cycle of thoughts/feelings so clearly – really resonates as it can be so hard to break that cycle. I’ve loved hearing practical tips for what has helped others to be more aware of this and taking steps to break the cycle.

  2. Thank you Greta, and the MindMate team for this! I cannot wait for the next episodes as all the topics sound super interesting and relatable!

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