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My plans for Leeds Children’s Mayor

by Laila – 27th Jul 2020

Hi my name is Laila and I am 10 years old. I have one brother and one sister and live in Leeds, I enjoy reading, drawing, baking, performing arts but most of all gymnastics.

I’m running for Leeds Children’s Mayor

A few months ago, I had an idea to write a manifesto and run for Leeds Children’s Mayor. My drive for my manifesto is to improve the support and communication that is given in schools, to help young people with their mental health to recognise and support each other. There are a number of reasons why I chose my manifesto, I was introduced to mindfulness by my teacher who incorporated mindfulness within the classroom, and I found it very calming and helpful.

worksheets for mindfulnessI also was lucky enough to spend some time with the learning mentor in my school, who supported children who were sad or upset, I saw what a brilliant effect it had and it encouraged children to feel safe and have a listening ear. During the Corona pandemic it has given me time to think about the benefits that mental health awareness has and how I could make a difference to children in schools with my idea.

Think Thursday

This is where my idea  to create ‘THINK THURSDAY’ came from, to be used as a start to encourage protected time (as little as 30 – 60 minutes) in schools to run sessions on mental health and wellbeing. Also, running activities to aid communication and self-confidence, this could be; mindfulness, discussions, baking, sports. A wide range of activities that are accessible to all young people.

Hand drawn note saying Think Thursday

I feel my idea will help young people understand their own mental health as well as others. And, if there is a time they need to talk or need support, they will be aware of where they can get this. I have also created activity sheets to make available to all young people that they can use at home or in schools. These sheets can be used to help relax, reflect and think.

I would also like to run a competition for young children in Leeds, to create a story book as a teaching aid to be used in schools. If I am elected as Leeds Children’s Mayor I will do the best I possibly can to help improve Leeds children’s mental health in schools.

Find out more about my campaign for Leeds Children’s Mayor.


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  1. What a powerful and thoughtful manifesto Laila. It’s very exciting to hear your views on how important it is to nurture young people’s mental health. Leeds needs more great ideas like yours Laila!

  2. What an absolutely moving blog! You are such an inspiration to young children, you should be very proud of your beliefs and your ideas
    We hope you are the next Leeds Children’s Mayor!

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