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Dyslexia and me

by Ava – 5th Apr 2018

I’m 11 years old and I’m dyslexic.

Some facts about me

I’m funny, I’m good at noticing things and remembering things (I’m very observant!) and I love baking and making up my own recipes.

How does dyslexia affect me?

Dyslexia affects me with my reading and writing. I know how to read things in my mind but when I try to read out loud it doesn’t come out the same.

I have a coloured overlay to put over my writing to make the page not be black and white and to stop the writing moving around. But it is annoying because it’s an extra thing to lose and it’s boring.

It’s better for me if the text isn’t squished together and if it’s not all the same font.

This is me: Avo

What I want people to know about dyslexia

I would like to tell people that dyslexia doesn’t effect how funny or nice and friendly you are. People should also know that it’s hard to make decisions – so try not to get frustrated.

I also want to say..

I am a human. I love people. I can do anything.

…and instead of reading I would rather do baking or climb a tree.

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  1. Hi Ava,

    I’m really glad you decided to blog about Dyslexia. I also have Dyslexia. I’m not very good at reading out loud either. I have coloured overlays as well. Not the most practical as you can’t write on them/highlight them. I started buying cheap notebooks with coloured pages and they are helping. The letters and sentences just jump around on black and white

  2. Loved your blog post Ava! My brother has dyslexia and growing up he found it difficult to get other people to understand, so thank you for writing about dyslexia.

    P.S Your baking looks delicious!

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