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Cancel culture – stop cancelling us

by Rachael – 9th Mar 2020

What is cancel culture?

‘Cancel culture’ is a fairly new term in society and something that has come about due to the use of social media and people’s past mistakes being viewable at all times, meaning their past mistakes are brought to the forefront and people have to answer to them, it has even been known to destroy people’s careers.

Although I understand the need to hold people accountable for their actions the concept of growing up in a world where cancel culture is a thing is terrifying. I have witnessed it destroy lives and people having to rebuild even when they have proven the evidence to be false. We’re told to learn from our mistakes and that it is the only way to learn new things, but when the next generation is growing up online and living their lives on social media platforms, where is the line when it comes to mistakes?

The Twitter logo with the word 'CANCELED' over the top of it

Vigilante groups that are going round shaming those who dared to make mistakes is a huge problem and a massive factor in trolling online, where we have all made mistakes in the past and shouldn’t be so high and mighty when it comes together, I truly believe in educating someone into a better form of themselves rather than belittling them.

I feel it’s easy to blame someone rather than remembering some of our actions ourselves, of course if the person has been racist or committed atrocious crimes I understand the need then. Yet if it’s nothing in those areas then you can feel disgusted at their past actions, but you can hopefully educate them or avoid supporting them in any capacity rather than fuelling hatred towards them, as cancel culture can literally end lives.

Some tips I would give those just getting to grips with social media..

  • Always think before you put something online…. Who will see this? What is the message? Is it kind? Could it be taken as a form of bullying? Or could this be used against me or hinder me in the future? If the answer isn’t anything good in relation to these questions I wouldn’t post it online.
  • I would always clean through your social media and delete posts you no longer agree with or have grown from, so that your view points are always representing your current self.
  • Finally if you see someone being cancelled online, just don’t support their work anymore, we’re all fragile and we have all made mistakes. Spreading hate or trolling them isn’t going to do anything – remember to be kind to yourself and others online

Abstract person illustration on its phone, with the words cancel in bubble above its head

Image references –

The Concordian

Ashley Brooke Boyd, cartoonist

Check out our podcast on Cancel Culture.

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