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We’re starting high school in September!

by Harehills Primary Year 6 – 27th Jun 2018

We asked some Year 6 pupils from Harehills Primary how they were feeling about this big change and we’ve put up their profiles below. How do YOU feel about going up to Year 7? Let us know on the comments feed 🙂

Name: Hashim

Favourite subject: P.E.

I want to be… a wrestler

Excited that… I already have family there

Worried about… getting detention

Name: Hong Li

Favourite subject: Art, I.C.T.

I want to be… a dancer

Excited about … learning new things

Worried about… getting lost in the building

Name: Hope

Favourite subject: Science

I want to be… a singer

Excited about … learning more and the library

Worried about… teachers being mean

Name: Valarie

Favourite subject: Maths

I want to be… a model

Excited about … the new teachers

Worried about… bullies (as my cousin gets bullied)

Name: Amira

Favourite subjects: Maths, P.E., Theme

I want to be… a vet

Excited about … making new friends

Worried about… the teachers being strict and the new environment

Name: Fatima

Favourite subject: Maths, Art, P.E.

I want to be… a doctor

Excited about … rewards for attendance and new challenges

Worried about… people spreading rumours that aren’t true and sports being competitive

Name: Asad

Favourite subject: Maths

I want to be… a policeman

Excited about … science

Worried about… nothing!

MindMate has more information for parents and carers who have children starting high school

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  1. Thank you for sharing year 6! You have been very brave talking about this. Going to high school is a big change but also an exciting one 🙂

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