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Talk, Help, Relate, Understand…

by Kirsty – 26th Jan 2018

I attend a group called THRU (Talk, Help, Relate, Understand) which is a weekly peer support group run by Leeds Mind for young people aged 16-24 based in Leeds City Centre.

What is Peer Support?

THRU, part of the Leeds Mind Peer Support Network focuses on sharing lived experience. The facilitators (from Leeds Mind) and group members all have lived experience and use this to support each other with similar situations they are going through. It is likely that everyone will feel down at some point in their life. THRU is a friendly, supportive, relaxed and SAFE space.

What happens in a weekly THRU session?

Good news

At the start of each session, we do a round of GOOD news (this helps me in trying to be more positive).

Skills/Coping Mechanisms

We learn about particular skills or coping mechanisms through a range of activities to help us with our emotional well-being. Together, the group decide on the weekly topics in advance. Self-compassion, setting boundaries to coping with panic and starting difficult conversations are just a few of the skills we have focused on. We have also practised meditation, made aromatherapy oils and slime (Yes, SLIME).

Taking Time

This is your chance to talk about something that has been on your mind the last week or a situation that you are struggling with. Everyone has the opportunity to speak on a rota basis.

End of session

We always end on a positive note! We focus on what we have found helpful from the session and something that we are looking forward to in the next week

There are many benefits that the THRU group provides.

Check out what the current group members have to say about THRU:

“THRU has helped me to learn how to help myself. Committing to the group on a weekly basis helps me to make time for myself” 

“THRU provides with a space and time to think and reflect on recent events”

Find out more information about the THRU group

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