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Spotlight: The Market Place

by Chloe – 4th Jan 2023

I met with Vicky, a counselling manager from The Market Place to find out more about what services they offer, how to access them and what sort of things they focus on.

What is The Market Place?

The Market Place has been going for more than 30 years and they work with young people, from ages 11 to 25. They offer a bereavement counselling service, as well as long-term counselling, which is about 6 months to a year and short-term counselling, which lasts 12 weeks. They also provide a crisis counselling service, called Fast Access Counselling and Support, which consists of 4 sessions, and they aim to see young people in this service within 2 weeks.

All 11-17 year olds, and all 11-23 year old young people in care/care leavers can refer at any time for counselling.

Furthermore, the Youth Work team at The Market Place offers drop-in sessions, workshops and group work and telephone support.

Where is the service based?

Most services are based in their city centre location, near Kirkgate Market and the Corn Exchange. However, since Covid they offer some services remotely, via video call or telephone. Some of the workshops and stalls are held at various locations within Leeds.

Who is it for? Who can access the services?

Anyone who lives or studies in Leeds between 11 to 25 (up to 26th birthday) can access The Market Place, however, services are split up between ages (please check the website for exact age range details). To access one to one services you can either refer yourself or be referred by someone else, such as a carer or teacher (link: . For the drop-in sessions you can simply sign up. If the service is right for you and you want to be there – you are welcome!

How to access the service?

Once you have been sent a form, fill it out, either individually or with the help of someone else. When the form has been received by The Market Place you will be sent a link to book an Intro session. This session is an informal assessment to get more information about why you want to come, what the service consists of, a brief introduction and some practical information. After the Intro you will be put on a waiting list, which varies in length depending on the service.

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