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Podcast #22: Relationships

In this new episode, backed by research and personal experiences, we uncover actionable strategies for building and maintaining healthy connections. From self-awareness to emotional responsiveness, respectful communication, reconnections, and gratitude, we dive deep. Joined by Shreya and Kim, we discuss attachment styles, love languages and reflect on real-life challenges. Don’t miss this insightful journey into the core of your well-being. Your mental health matters—let’s explore it together!

Read Shreya’s blog ‘Feeling lonely at university’

Read Sharon’s blog ‘I’d rather be single than miserable in a relationship’


  • Waldinger, R. J., Cohen, S., Schulz, M. S., & Crowell, J. A. (2015). Security of attachment to spouses in late life: Concurrent and prospective links with cognitive and emotional well-being. Clinical Psychological Science3(4), 516-529
  • Hari, J. (2018). Lost connections: Uncovering the real causes of depression-and the unexpected solutions. London: Bloomsbury Circus.

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  1. I had never though my previous life experiences could be affecting my current relationships. This is so insightful and it’s opened up my mind a lot! Thank you Greta 🙂

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