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Podcast #15

Drink spiking has always been a prevalent issue and a huge problem in the going-out scene, however in the past few months, a new form of spiking has reached the headlines: spiking via injections. This has brought about a new level of fear for a lot of people who enjoy going out to clubs and bars, especially women. In this podcast, MindMate ambassadors and volunteers speak to Alison Lowe, the Deputy Mayor of West Yorkshire for Policing and Crime, about this issue and what the authorities are doing to help reduce the negative impacts of this issue.

Chloe, a student at the University of Leeds, set up the Students Against Sexual Harassment and Assault (SASHA) society a to support survivors of sexual assault and spiking within the university and wider community. Through the society, she advocates for change to improve awareness in regards to rape culture, focusing on topics such as spiking, harassment and consent. Follow the society’s instagram @sasha_uol for informative posts as well as anonymous testimonies, which can be submitted via the link in their bio.

Read Charlotte’s related blog here

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