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Exam results day can be stressful

by Naomi – 20th Aug 2019

For some of us, it’s a happy day, for others it’s a day full of disappointment. In fact, some of us might not even turn up to collect our results because we know they’re going to be rubbish. Sitting our GCSE exams isn’t normally a stress-free experience, but some of us have extra ‘stuff’ to contend with on top of the usual exam stress. We could be caring for a family member, coping with homelessness, living with mental or physical health conditions or something else. Some of us might be desperately trying to cram ourselves into the teeny tiny ‘box’ that school has built for us (despite the fact that we’re anything but ‘box’ shaped).

For lots of us, the exam system just doesn’t work for us. The minute we sit down, we forget our own name nevermind the events leading up to WW2 or complicated Maths equations. This letter is for all of you. The excited, delighted, disappointed, upset, and those who want to give up on education all together. It’s for those of you who are looking forward to the next step, and those of you who are terrified. Those of you who never-measure-up-no-matter-how-hard-you-try, and those of you who have always believed that your best is good enough. To any of you who are expecting exam results, this one’s for you.

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  1. I dislike exam results day very much as the media make such a big occasion out of it.
    There are thousands of young people who for many reasons are not able to take/pass their exams.
    A few examples are mental health issues,drugs,dysfunctional family life,inability to study at required level etc.
    These youngsters have little enough self confidence without having the success stories flaunted publicly.

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