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A new year: Leaving 2020 behind.

by Sam – 11th Jan 2021

It is unsurprising that most of us are glad to see the end of 2020.

If there’s anything we can take from this experience so far it is to appreciate the little things. I certainly feel hope and that is reflected in most people I know. But it is also okay to not feel hopeful as the new year begins and we enter a new lockdown. Firstly, it is important to remember that you have managed to get through one of the toughest times of our lives already, and we can do this again. This year has been unique, and the chances are, in a few years when things settle or return to a new normal, we will look back at all we have learned and probably all laugh about how on earth we got through it all!!

For me I have learned to appreciate spending time with family and friends. I appreciate and miss hugs, I miss visits to my Grandad and I miss all forms of socialisation. These small things give me my hope. It makes me feel excited for the future when these things can return, and in a way makes the time spent with loved ones even more special. So my advice is to try and find hope in the smallest of things, create something that you can set your mind to and look forward to.

In 2021, things will get better. We have a vaccine, we have a fresh start, and there can only be better things to come, even if it seems bleak now. But looking back, try to pick between 5 and 10 things that have been positive this year. It can be as small as having more time to relax at home, or can include starting a new hobby, watching a great series, reconnecting with your loved ones or even finding a new appreciation for life. Physically list these down to reflect on some positives that you have experienced personally.

We’ve already gotten through 2 lockdowns. We can do this. Reach out to love ones and check on them, organise social phone calls and find a small hobby to give you some enjoyment.

One thing that gives me so much joy and hope, is seeing communities come together! When Captain Sir Thomas Moore raised over 33million, it brought me so many emotions, including gratefulness and peace! And he is not alone. So many other amazing charities and individuals have really done their bit for others. We are lucky to have the NHS staff, all the key works, bus drivers and teachers too!

It is okay to have had a bad year. 2020 is nearly over and done with. Even if you haven’t achieved lots, in this current and frequently changing environment, that is normal and perfectly okay! Don’t be too hard on yourself. If you are feeling overwhelmed, think about whether you would tell a loved one the same things you tell yourself. And try to recognise your biggest achievement, which is simply just getting through!

So in 2021, let’s take what we can from 2020, and strive to keep taking care of our own wellbeing and take the time to appreciate the small things. This lockdown won’t last forever, we can do this!

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  1. Nice to see a more positive perspective on 2020 for a change! Last year a positive for me was being able to spend more time with my dog, exploring new walks together and finding peace in nature.

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