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Exam time

Exams are something that most of us can’t avoid in our lives. In a recent survey, young people in Leeds voted ‘exam stress’ as the biggest issue impacting on their health and wellbeing.

Exams are designed to test us, literally, so naturally they can feel like a lot of pressure. And stress, worry and nerves can go hand in hand with that pressure. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Let’s look at some ways to prepare well for exams – while staying healthy.


Getting proactive reduces your stress levels. Making plans for where, when and how you’re going to study will help you feel much calmer, you’ll have more guilt-free time to relax and you’ll use your brain more efficiently.

Finding exams too much?

It can be tricky to know when exam worries stop being normal butterflies and head into ‘too much’ territory, but it’s important to look out for yourself, and others around you. Check out some clues, as well as some ways to find help.

When exams get too much

Pre-exam essentials

Looking after your body and mind before, during and after exam season wont just keep you feeling good, but is also crucial in helping you get the results you really want. After all, a healthy mind is better at concentrating (hello revision), not to mention at helping you to remember crucial information. Sounds good, right?


A good night’s sleep helps with concentration and focus the following day. It even allows the brain to store and organise information more effectively – crucial stuff when exams are approaching.

Healthy eating

What we eat affects how well our brain works. In one study, those who ate only junk food for 5 days found it harder to solve problems than those who ate a range of food. Learn about healthy eating and making easy food swaps.


Exam benefits of exercise include the fact that it helps to use up stress hormones, releases stress-busting chemicals, and helps us sleep better at night. Find out how to fit exercise into your exam or revision schedule (whether fit or not).