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Combat exam stress!

Is exam stress getting on top of you?

You could try some relaxation techniques to help you feel calmer

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Checklist for the night before

  • Pack your bag and pencil case. Make sure your clothes and shoes are out ready.
  • Set an alarm – make sure you have enough time to get ready calmly and if you know you like to hit the snooze button set your alarm a little bit earlier
  • Do only some bit sized revision early on
  • Ensure your evening is relaxing maybe take a bath or do a relaxation technique
  • Limit your use of social media
  • Have an early night
  • Make sure you have something in for breakfast that releases energy slowly like Weetabix, porridge or muesli

Top Tips

Work out which parts of the subject you don’t know. Remember you might know some already and may need to concentrate more on learning the things you don’t know.

Make flash cards for things you don’t know or areas you have identified you need to know more about. Get people to help you learn and remember them – sometimes this makes it a bit more fun…

Make sure you have the revision books and prioritise revision in plenty of time.

Know when you exams are – have this somewhere clear and visual. Make a timetable to break down your work into chunks which are realistic.