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Therapeutic Social Work Team in Leeds

Who are they? Well, they’re a friendly team with lots of experience helping children and young people who might be struggling with their thoughts or feelings. They do this in lots of different ways – through talking, playing, drama, art or writing – whatever feels right to best help you. They’re not right for everybody though so make sure you check out the information below to see whether this is the right service for you.

Here’s a quick overview of what the Therapeutic Social Work Team in Leeds do and how they might be able to help you.

Who can they help?

The Therapeutic Social Work Team are here to help young people in Leeds who have a social worker or who have left care, and who need some extra help with their thoughts and feelings.

What sort of things could they help you with?

Maybe you’ve been feeling stressed or really fed up? You may be finding it hard to control big feelings – anger, sadness or even excitement. Perhaps it feels hard to sleep or to concentrate at school or college. Sometimes worries can feel overwhelming or you might be struggling to understand why you’re in care. You might be hurting yourself or doing other risky things.


How do they help?

They can help in lots of different ways. They might work with you on your own or with your parent or carer. They can see people at home, at school or at their base in Leeds, and this is usually every week. They might work only with your parent or carer or school to help them to help you. Whatever they do, they’ll try to help in the best possible way for you.

How can you get their help?

Talk to your social worker or your personal advisor and they will ask the team for you – your parent/carer could help you do this.

Guide for young people

Are you a young person? Want to know how the Therapeutic Social Work Team could help you? This guide will get you started.

Download guide for young people

Guide for parents and carers

A comprehensive guide to help parents and carers to better understand how the Therapeutic Social Work Team could help the young person in your life.

Download guide for parents

Services for carers

Want to know how the Therapeutic Social Work Team can support carers when they need it the most? This guide will explain all…

Download guide for carers

One minute guide

A quick overview of who the Therapeutic Social Work Team is, what they do and who the service is here for.

Download 1-minute guide