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Return to school

by Sam – 6th Sep 2022

As we approach the countdown to the return to schools, colleges or university, having anxiety is completely normal. Whether you are returning to a familiar learning environment or somewhere new, there is no doubt that you are not alone in feeling nervous about September. That being said, teachers get nervous too!

When returning to education, remember that the first day will always be the most nerve racking, however once you’ve gotten over that mountain, you will soon find yourself back in the routine of school.

If you are particularly anxious, speak to someone you can trust, whether that is a familiar teacher, form tutor and even friends and family, who will be able to support you.

Illustration of school supplies

Make sure that you are prepared. Get your bag and outfits ready before you start to avoid that anxiety-fuelled early morning rush.

There are also some brilliant services which can offer support at any time, but may be particularly useful at the start of the school year.

Night Owls is a free phone service from 8pm – 8am, for young people to talk about what’s on their mind. This service is brilliant and offers overnight and early morning support.

You can also find other support on MindMate which might help, including a page on anxiety.

It is absolutely okay to not be okay. It is okay to reach out for help and most importantly it is normal to be nervous around the return to school, but remember you don’t need to go through anything alone.

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