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If you identify as LGBTQIA+ you’re part of a strong and supportive community. But, as a young LGBTQIA+ person, you’re at a slightly greater risk of experiencing problems with mental health and wellbeing. Just because you’re LGBTQIA+ doesn’t mean that’s the cause of any mental health issues. But whether you’re already out or you’re still exploring your identity, you may experience things that impact negatively on your mental health – like discrimination, loneliness, pressure from your community or difficulties coming out.

The information on these pages is for young LGBTQIA+ people in Leeds, parents, carers and professionals. Here, you can find help with your mental health if you need it, as well as support and guidance to help you live your best life with your own identity. 

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I have educated myself because I think that it’s important to be aware of different groups of people and how they identify.

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  • Great resources and information for young people
  • A range of events you can join
  • Podcast
  • Real stories
  • Blog posts
  • Online chat feature you can use
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Yorkshire MESMAC

  • Largest LGBT+ sexual and mental health charity in Yorkshire
  • A range of support services you can access
  • Numerous community support groups in Leeds you can join
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Proud Trust

  • Great resources and information for young people
  • Online chat feature you can use
  • Real stories and blog posts
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  • Information and support helpline there for you to access
  • Operated for 5 hours every evening
  • Phone, email or online chat feature
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