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Leeds MindMate Support Team offer early emotional wellbeing support for young people up to 18 years old in education settings across Leeds.

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Find below workbooks and resources to support your work with children and young people in the city, and more information for professionals about MMST. The manuals complement the workbooks for young people here

The MindMate Support Team Consultation model
The MMST use a consultation model by working with education settings to offer strategies and resources for supporting children and young people experiencing emotional wellbeing difficulties. Consultation discussions are a structured assessment about the presenting needs of the young person. Each consultation will result in a collaborative, shared plan of support, which may lead to either indirect support, direct intervention or feed into the settings Whole School Approach planning.

Scroll down for the MMST consultation process in more detail.

Consultation guide

Parent, Child & Young Person’s Guide to Consultation guide from MindMate Support Team including consent and what happens to information.

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Information pack

Service information pack to the MindMate Support Team

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One Minute Guide

Quick guider to the Leeds MindMate Support Team

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Wellbeing Journal 1

Easy-read journal style workbook to document emotions

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Wellbeing Journal 2

Includes worry tree and worry clouds

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Wellbeing Journal 3

Includes mindfulness activity

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Wellbeing Journal 4

Includes challenging unhelpful thinking

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Coping with anxiety guidance manual

Suggestions and advice around introducing each session of the young person’s ‘Coping with Anxiety?’ workbook.

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Understanding low mood guidance manual

Suggestions and advice around introducing each session of the ‘Understanding Low Mood’ Workbook.

Managing self-harm guidance manual

suggestions and advice around introducing each session of the young person’s ‘Managing Self-Harm’ workbook.

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Emotions workbook - guidance manual

suggestions and advice around introducing each session of the ‘Understanding and Managing Emotions‘ Workbook

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Children's Wellbeing Practitioners

One minute guide from Leeds CAMHS about Children’s Wellbeing Practitioners

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Solution-focused support

Staff guide to solution-focused support sessions from MMST

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THRIVE model

The MindMate Support Team’s follow the Thrive model of service delivery and work closely alongside existing partnership services, such as Children’s Young People’s Mental Health Services, Cluster and Early Help Services to ensure that children and young people’s needs are met.

The MMST work within the ‘Getting Advice’ (MMST Consultation) and ‘Getting Help’ (MMST Intervention) of the Thrive model.

For more information on the Thrive model:

What do the MindMate Support Team do?

Early intervention within the MindMate Support Team is a Whole Setting Approach in the first instance providing guidance, support, training and signposting to education staff. Secondly, an offer of low-intensity psychological interventions, in the form of brief evidence-based therapies, including guided self-help or online support. Many of the MindMate Support Team’s intervention are based on Low Intensity Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (LI-CBT_which is an evidence-based intervention which is known to be effective in supporting CYP experiencing anxiety and low mood.

CBT focuses on how your thoughts, feelings and behaviours affect one another and focuses on finding helpful strategies to help challenge unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviours. The interventions are short-term, usually 6-8 sessions and use goal-based outcomes and Routine Outcome Measure (ROMs) to evaluate efficacy.

Whole Setting Approach to Mental Health & wellbeing

The MindMate Support Team’s work alongside education settings In Leeds to offer strategic support around developing whole setting approaches to Mental Health and Wellbeing. This involves working collaboratively to ensure emotional wellbeing is a priority, and that children and young people are supported to thrive in education. Within the whole setting approach model the MindMate Support Team’s offer signposting, consultation, training and intervention within the education setting.

If you would like to know more about the Whole Setting Approach go here