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Information for a young person or family member wanting to know more about MindMate SPA

Information for professionals supporting children and young people in Leeds

MindMate Single Point of Access (SPA) is there to identify support for children and young people in Leeds with their emotional wellbeing or mental health. It is for all children and young people who have a Leeds GP, of school age and under the age of 18. We work with a variety of services in order to find the right support.

Referrals can be made for school aged children and young people and up until their 18th Birthday.  Referrals for children under 13 years of age will require consent from a parent or carer.  Young people over the age of 13 years are able to give consent for a referral themselves should they wish to

NB Due to the high levels of demand the team are currently experiencing, we are unable to respond to queries regarding waiting times for triage of referrals. Please contact the team only if there has been a significant change to the original referral information provided. All referrals are screened for clinical urgency upon receipt. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

For neurodevelopmental referrals (Autism and ADHD) you must initially seek support from within the education setting. We would recommend that you speak to the schools Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) or college student services in the first instance. Even when difficulties are not present at school/college, they are still best placed to provide early help support. Schools within clusters commission external emotional health and wellbeing support; schools not in clusters provide this internally.Education settings can make direct referrals to MindMateSPA if an assessment is still indicated once early intervention and school support has been put in place.


Young people and their parents/carers can make a self referral by:

  • Calling to speak to a member of our admin team on 03005550324. We are open between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday
  • Completing an online self referral form
SPA information and online referral for young people, parents/carers

Professional referrals can be made as follows:

  • Email – gain consent, fill out the referral form (link below) with as much information as you can from the young person and/or their family. Also, ensure a patient information leaflet is provided. Email the completed forms to . You must use a secure email address (e.g, that is monitored regularly.
Download referral form (for professionals) Download patient information leaflet Schools Guidance for completing a MindMate SPA referral

How Leeds MindMate SPA works

Once a referral is received via the phone or via the online form a SPA practitioner will start to triage your referral. This may include speaking to the person who made the referral (a parent/carer if this is the case), the child or young person who the referral relates to and sometimes the school or education setting as well as other professionals that may be provide support to the child or young person. We do this to ensure that we are able to identify the right support. We aim to triage a referral within 2 weeks. This can take longer in some cases if we are unable to speak to the right people. The outcome of the triage will be discussed with the young person or parent/carer (depending on who made the referral) and a letter will be sent out confirming the outcome and recommendations.

Frequently asked questions


As part of the triage process, MindMate SPA practitioners will share information with the following agencies:

  • Local Authority
  • Schools and Education settings
  • The NHS

It is essential that the young person or family understands and consents to this. The easiest way to do this is by sharing the patient information leaflet with them. You must then get verbal consent either from the parent/carer or the child/young person (if they meet Gillick Competency).

To order hard copies of the patient information leaflet email

Referrals without confirmed consent cannot be processed by the SPA and will be returned to the referrer for completion.

Still looking for assistance?

Please contact the Leeds MindMate SPA team on:

0300 555 0324