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Podcast resources for trauma-informed practice

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The information in this section has been written for professionals. Some of the information covers difficult and distressing life experiences and the negative impact these can have on children and young people. You can choose to read on, or click here if you are looking for support for you or your child.

Compassionate Leeds

In this Wag Tales episode, Penny shares the ambitious vision for Leeds to work collectively as a trauma-informed city. Discussing what made this possible and how the Compassionate Leeds project is moving beyond just providing trauma-informed training, by using a more responsive and layered approach to embed change in practice.

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Emm Irving in conversation with Lisa Cherry

Emm Irving, the leads on the Adversity, Trauma and Resilience Programme for the NHS West Yorkshire Integrated Care Board talks about the ambition for the whole of West Yorkshire to become Trauma Informed by 2030.

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Dr Karen Treisman in conversation with Lisa Cherry

In this webinar, Dr Karen Treisman and Lisa talk about changing organisational systems, services and cultures and go into detail about trauma-informed approaches to help provide a better understanding.

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Role of Positive Experiences on The Lifecourse Podcast

Rebecca Lacey, a researcher based at University College London, discusses the importance of shifting the narrative towards positive life experiences and of moving beyond schools & families to neighbourhoods and communities.

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