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Document resources for trauma-informed practice

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The information in this section has been written for professionals. Some of the information covers difficult and distressing life experiences and the negative impact these can have on children and young people. You can choose to read on, or click here if you are looking for support for you or your child.

Compassionate Leeds Strategy

This document sets out the strategy for how Leeds will become a trauma-informed city.

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Visible charter

This document aims to ‘set the scene’ in Leeds around what’s generally called ‘trauma-informed care’.

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Visible guidance

This document provides information about working with adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse in healthcare settings.

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West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership

Find out more information about the Adversity, Trauma and Resilience programme in West Yorkshire. This document provides a review of life-course evidence, approaches and provision to support the transformation to a trauma informed health and care system by 2030.

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UK Government Definition

Read this working definition of trauma informed practice, published in November 2022

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Event Report: Compassionate Leeds: Becoming a Trauma-Informed City

A report summary of an analysis about the Compassionate Leeds event which took place on 4th November 2021.

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An employee’s journey in an organisation

Short report based on projects that looked at applying a trauma-informed approach to staff wellbeing from the start of an employees journey, with an organisation, to the end.

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What does taking a trauma informed approach mean to their organisation?

Short report based on the reflections of 5 different Trauma Informed Communities projects. The peers discussed who the learning would be most effective for and what was the priority around the learning; what taking a trauma informed approach means to their organisation; the enablers and barriers to taking a trauma informed approach.

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