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So your child is starting primary school?

Starting school is a time of great change for your child. As you are parenting children aged 5 to 11 in particularly, you will probably notice changes in their behaviour if they are worried before they start school, or in response to lots of new experiences when they get there. Most of these will be completely normal.

To be ‘school ready’ you should be aiming towards your child being able to

  • undress and dress themselves
  • take themselves to the toilet independently
  • be used to being around other children
  • feel confident and secure enough to leave their parent/carer

If you’re worried discuss this with your child’s new head teacher. If you feel your child has additional needs and needs extra support at school, that is something that is available – just ask.


Some children may start to wet the bed at night time, or may have never been dry. The Leeds School Nursing Service offers clinics and one-to-one support to achieve dryness. Please contact the School Nursing team.

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