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Worried about college or university?

Moving from school to college or university can feel like a massive change. The style of studying is likely to feel quite different, there’s pressure to fit in and make new friends. Life changes often have a big impact on our mental health. We know planning ahead can help, and staying connected to people around us (and support services if we need them).

Studying in Leeds?

If you need support for your mental health while you’re studying in Leeds there are a few options. First, make sure you are registered with a local GP.

Find services available for young people in Leeds or scroll down to find out what support your college/University has on offer.

Where in Leeds are you studying?

Off to university?

Going to University is a big step for anyone. It’s a huge life change – leaving the people you’ve lived with all of your life and moving in with people you don’t know, finding your way around a new city, getting lost on the way to lectures, studying in new ways, and discovering the joys of washing up.

Uni can be great fun – it’s a brilliant opportunity to meet new people and learn more about yourself. But it isn’t perfect for anybody and most people who have been to university will have felt homesick or low at some point. Be kind to yourself, be patient with yourself and have fun!

Top tips to prepare for university

Self care for students

Information for students about looking after your wellbeing while studying away from home including a downloadable information sheet.


Little book of 'feel better'

Health tips and information for students in Leeds.

Little book of 'feel better'

Student Minds

Student mental health charity website with support options and blogs.

Student Minds


Health and wellbeing advice from the National Union of Students.


Students Against Depression

Provides students with the resources to find a way forward from stress, low mood, depression or suicidal thinking.

Students Against Depression