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Young adults and drugs and alcohol

It can be hard to get a straight answer on questions about using alcohol and drugs without feeling judged – but it’s important to be armed with the facts.

Forward Leeds offer one to one support for young people who may want to learn more about drugs and alcohol or feel they would benefit from some support to cut down or stop their drug or alcohol use. Forward Leeds is a voluntary service which means that you aren’t forced to work with them – it’s up to you. If you change your mind at any time that’s fine. Also the appointments are confidential and they have no need to share information about your use with other people unless you are putting yourself at serious risk of harm.

Top tips for staying safe

If you are planning to drink or use drugs try to stay safe.

Start low and go slow

Pace yourself when drinking alcohol to minimise the risk of overdose. Take a small amount of something first to see how it makes you feel.

Avoid mixing drugs and alcohol

Mixing drugs and alcohol can have unpredictable side effects and put additional strain on your organs.

Know what you are taking

Make sure you know the dose and possible side effects of drugs before taking them.

Make sure someone is there to look out for you

If you are using alone, tell someone where you are and what you are doing, or make sure you have a friend who isn’t drinking or using drugs if you are using in a group. It will mean someone can help if it goes wrong.

Keep hydrated

Aim to sip a pint of water over an hour, particularly if you are dancing.

Protect yourself

If someone you don’t know well is offering you free drink or drugs, ask yourself what they might want in return. Know the risks and how to stay safe.

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