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MindMate News #5

Compassionate Leeds:  Building a trauma informed city together event

Our ambitious vision is for Leeds to be a trauma informed city that works to prevent the conditions that lead to trauma and responds swiftly whenever trauma, or risk of trauma is present.

We would like to invite you to attend our first Leeds event taking place online on 4th November 2021.  This is an opportunity to share our plans, the what, the why and the who, as well as start a trauma informed movement connecting colleagues who are leading or involved in this field from across the city.

Get more information and sign up here 

This event is open to partners including professionals and those with lived experience from all sectors working in Leeds with an interest in this vision and movement.

Update on Red Kite View – CYMPH Inpatient Provision

Red Kite View is the new £20million West Yorkshire children and young people’s inpatient mental health unit, it will include 22 inpatient beds across the general acute and psychiatric intensive care unit and we are on track to open December 1st 2021. Our aim is to be an outstanding service and a centre of excellence, that is not easy to achieve but is something we are committed to. We need to ensure that our clinical care is of high quality and that we are at the forefront of research and development in children and young people’s mental health, linking with local universities and partner agencies.

There is a lot of work going on with the team and we’ve also been working with Common Room and the MindMate Ambassadors to produce a charter, a set of promises to young people and families which Red Kite View will aim to uphold. The MindMate Ambassadors will also be involved in other aspects of the project such as helping decide on art work and holding young people interview panels for key posts.

There is some exciting work going on and we have lofty ambitions, but these are also difficult times with such an increase in mental health problems regionally and nationally and especially for those requiring an admission. Ultimately, we want to reduce the need for inpatient care and reinvest in the community where young people should be, living their lives and thriving!

Nik Lee, Operational Manager | RNMH, Red Kite View Inpatient CYPMHS, West Yorkshire Provider Collaborative

By Your Side – resource for anxious teenagers

MindMate have worked with the 0-1  9 Public Health team and parents in Leeds to produce a booklet for parents and carers of anxious teenagers. This sits on the ‘Parenting Teenagers’ page.

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