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MindMate News #12

regular bulletin bringing you news and up to date information about MindMate and young people’s mental health in Leeds.

#SpeakUpLeeds campaign encourages black boys to open up about their mental health

MindMate is launching the #SpeakUpLeeds campaign, in partnership with Forum Central, Leeds City Council, Magpie and Black Lives Matter Leeds today. Speak Up Leeds encourages black boys aged 10 to 18 to open up about their personal experiences as a black boy, and how this affects their mental health. The campaign was inspired by the Black Boy Joy movement, which was created to show positive images of happy black boys, to reinforce confidence and support the right for them to be happy.

Mahmod, 14, a student from Carr Manor Community School, talks about the importance of having positive images of black boys, and the effect the negative portrayal can have on their mental health: “They’ll think ‘there’s a black boy doing this or that’ and always assume it’s something wrong. That could affect you because you might see videos of black boys getting racially abused just because of the colour of their skin.

 “That could make you worried as you think, ‘well, I’m a black boy – what if one day that could happen to me?”

As part of the campaign, a short film will feature 10 students from Carr Manor Community School sharing their own personal experiences with their mental health. Every aspect of the campaign, from the name to the final campaign designs, was inspired by and created with this group of boys.

MindMate awareness in schools –  invite the MindMate Ambassadors to your drop-down well-being days

Could you find time for the MindMate Ambassadors to come to your education setting to run a wellbeing stall? All you need to provide is a table and a space for the team to set up.

MMAs are young people with lived experience of mental health issues and can engage with students to chat informally, share MindMate merchandise and raise awareness about the online information available to support young people’s mental health in Leeds.

To book a visit email

Culturally Diverse Minds (Formally know as Young Black Minds)

We offer support for 16- to 25-year-olds from culturally diverse communities (who may describe themselves as Black and Minority Ethnic/BAME, South Asian, an Ethnic Minority, from a Racialised Community, etc.) who feel that their mental health could be affected by experiences relating to their ethnic background (this could be due to identity, place, discrimination, or racism).

Self-referrals or professional referrals can be made via

Kooth offers free online, same day, BACP-accredited support and counselling for 10-18 year olds

… as well as a range of activities and resources designed to support mental and emotional wellbeing. There aren’t any thresholds or criteria to meet, and no waiting lists! This means you can signpost ANY child or young person to Kooth as an additional, or sole, means of mental health support. Users sign themselves up anonymously on the website as our service is self referral.

If you would like to book any of the following FREE options please complete this form

  • Kooth cards, leaflets, posters and pens
  • Kooth to host a stall at your event
  • Kooth/ mental health awareness session/ assembly for young people
  • Kooth training session for staff/ professionals supporting young people
  • Kooth info session for parents/ carers

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