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About Speak Up Leeds

How the campaign was developed

The #SpeakUpLeeds campaign was created with a group of 31 boys aged 10-18 years old, from educational and community settings. They shared their personal experiences as a black boy and how this impacts their mental health, in a trauma informed way. Every aspect of the campaign, from the name to the final campaign designs, was inspired by and created with this group of boys.

They wanted to encourage others to speak up about how they feel, as they found it beneficial for themselves, sharing their feelings and experiences in a safe space alongside other black boys their age.

This project was created in partnership with Forum Central, Leeds City Council, Magpie and BLM Leeds.

Special thanks to the staff and students at Carr Manor Community School and BLM Leeds for their involvement in this project.

How the creative style was developed

It was important that the creative style and content reflected the boys thoughts and feelings and that they could see themselves and their peers in the campaign. To ensure this was as authentic as possible, we applied cultural humility and used real life photos of the boys involved.

Bright and bold colours create a positive and uplifting feel. The paper texture, stickers and hand drawn elements bring a personal and youthful feel, as does the video footage. The movement is celebrating black boys and giving them a platform to express themselves and speak their truth.

To find out more or get involved contact Marvina Newton, Mental Health Ethnic Inequalities Lead (Children and Young People)