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Moving on from CAMHS

So, you’re turning 18 and moving on from CAMHS? When you’re moving into adult services it may feel daunting, but there are people around to support you through this time.

If you are already getting support from CAMHS in Leeds, you may receive the support of the ‘transitions service’, a dedicated service supporting young people into adult services. This support can start around six months before you turn 18 – you can ask your CAMHS worker about how to access this service.

The transitions service will arrange to meet with you and your CAMHS worker to find out what support or treatment you have already had, what the current difficulties are and work out what you may want and need from services once you turn 18. This may involve creating a transition plan so that you are clear about who is taking over and what will happen.

Your parents or carers may have been quite involved in your care and treatment so far. In adult services, quite rightly, you are more in charge, because as you enter adulthood you become more independent in your own care. Of course, you may want your parents to still play a major part in your care. Talk to adult services to help work out how they can still be involved.

If you have experienced a mental health crisis, it can be helpful for you and your family to have a crisis plan, which can include advice on how to get help in a crisis and what services are available as an adult.

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