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What is trauma-informed practice?

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The information in this section has been written for professionals. Some of the information covers difficult and distressing life experiences and the negative impact these can have on children and young people. You can choose to read on, or click here if you are looking for support for you or your child.

Trauma-informed approaches are based on recognition and comprehensive understanding of the widespread prevalence and effects of trauma. This leads to a fundamental paradigm shift from thinking ‘what is wrong with you?’ to considering ‘what happened to you?’.

Rather than being a specific service or set of rules, trauma-informed approaches are a process of organisational change aiming to create environments and relationships that promote recovery and prevent retraumatisation.

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What do trauma, adversity and compassion mean?

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What does a trauma-informed approach involve?

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Trauma-informed practice principles

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Are there any resources I can use?

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