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Opportunities provided by LCC Health and Wellbeing Team

The Health and Wellbeing Team is part of Children’s Services at Leeds City Council. Its role is to support schools to empower children and young people to be active, safe, healthy and resilient individuals.

Schools can purchase a service level agreement (SLA) from £599 per academic year for a basic package or from £899 per academic year for a full package. A full package entitles the schools to join all the following projects at no additional cost.

To check if your school has an SLA talk to your senior leadership team or email

If you do not have an SLA you can purchase some of the mental health projects individually.

School MindMate Ambassadors pupil and teacher training

The School MindMate Ambassador Programme is all about encouraging, and empowering, pupils to take a proactive role in improving social, emotional and mental health within their schools.

School MindMate Ambassadors will become role models and advocates who champion positive attitudes and behaviours and will lead by example and help to improve the social, emotional and mental health and wellbeing of the whole school.

A toolkit is available for schools which provides comprehensive guidance and resources to support staff to plan activities with their School MindMate Ambassador group. This can be supported by training for one teacher and two pupils.


  • Schools with full SLA can get a copy of this toolkit and attend the associated training for free.
  • Schools with a basic SLA can purchase a copy of the toolkit for £35 and attend the associated training at no cost if they have sufficient training credit.
  • Schools without SLA can purchase a copy of the toolkit for £35 and pay £130 to attend training

More info: School MindMate ambassadors pupil and teacher training

              MindMate Ambassador Toolkit and Guidance | Leeds for Learning

MindMate Champions – Whole School approach to Mental Health

MindMate Champions programme is designed to promote and develop evidence-based best practice for Social, Emotional & Mental Health (SEMH) for early years settings, schools, and colleges. To achieve MindMate Friendly Status you will be required to audit your current provision, supporting your setting to create spaces where all children and young people feel safe to talk about how they feel, and staff feel confident that they can respond and signpost effectively. Following this, you can achieve MindMate Champion Status by conducting an evidence based intervention and demonstrating its impact.

Offer includes:

Access to the SEMH section of the Healthy Schools School Health Check and action planning tool;

  • Support visit with a consultant and a half day validation visit;
  • MindMate Friendly award and opportunity to become a MindMate Champion setting;
  • Access to MindMate Lessons: an emotional literacy and mental health curriculum for KS1 – 4.


  • Schools with full SLA or who are part of the Leeds City Council’s DfE accredited Senior Mental Health Lead programme (course code SMLH089) can access this support for free.
  • Schools without SLA can pay £275 to join the MindMate Champions programme.

More info: MindMate Friendly and MindMate Champions

MindMate Lessons – Key stage 1 to Key stage 5 teaching resource:

The MindMate Lessons teaching resource is an emotional literacy curriculum designed to support class-based discussions and learning around mental health and wellbeing. The lessons are written by teachers, mental health professionals and consultants. They are designed to fit into your Personal, Social, Health and Economic education (PSHE) curriculum, in a modern and engaging way. The resource focuses on key skills (self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills), as well as ensuring the format is easy to deliver and tailor to your pupils.


  • Schools with full or basic SLA can access MindMate lessons for free.
  • Schools without SLA are not able to access MindMate Lessons.

More info: MindMate Lessons

Positive Playtime Practice Programme

This new programme focuses on the most unstructured time of the day and totally transforms it to engage pupils into the 5 ways to wellbeing approach. This boosts engagement, happiness, social interaction, physical activity and continues learning out of the classroom, as well as decreasing isolation, poor behaviour and low mood.


  • Schools with an Active Schools+ SLA can access this programme at no cost.
  • All schools can access the programme from £525

More info:

On demand: Positive Playtime Practice primary staff and pupil training | Leeds for Learning