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Getting started

We know it’s good for us but it’s often hard to make the first step to being active…


Lycra is just not for me, I hate getting sweaty

Find something you love that doesn’t need special clothes or equipment and won’t get you hot and bothered. Yoga with Adriene has free online sessions, and is all about finding what feels good, with a strong focus on breathing and positivity.


I just can’t be bothered

Low on motivation? Turn being active into a game – Fitness Pets and Wokamon help you grow a virtual pet just by walking, and Walkr unlocks new worlds in space.


My friends won’t do it with me

Chat with mental health ambassadors at #runandtalk, a monthly group. Girls can connect through Leeds Girls Can social media. Getting involved in a class or team – from dance to football, martial arts to rugby – can connect you with new people. Or you could even join the circus!


I don’t want people to see my body

Active Leeds offers lots of ideas for getting active at home. If you love dancing (when nobody’s watching), try ChoreonConcept Dance Studio. And POPSUGAR fitness  has a massive range of home workouts from Latin dance to hip-hop fitness and yoga. If it’s about modesty, Daniela Biah’s Muslim fitness-wear hackoffers ideas about how to find the right gear for modest workouts.


I’m too unfit or just can’t do it

Start slow with the Couch to 5k app, which was designed especially for people who don’t think of themselves as fit. Mixed ability sports are all about having fun and connecting, whatever your ability – like Unorthobox, which offers non-contact family boxing classes. In Leeds there are loads of options for getting active if you have a disability too.


I feel too low or anxious

If someone supports you with your mental health, whether it’s family, friends or a professional, you could do something active together. GIPSIL offers a range of services for young people in Leeds, often combining wellbeing support with physical activity.  Walking or yoga are both gentle activities that can boost your mood and lower anxiety levels. Just 5 minutes can make a difference.


It’s too expensive

Avoid high gym prices with free home workouts on the PureGym app. Junior membership at Active Leeds costs about the same as a weekly latte or hot chocolate. Walking, running and home workouts are free. Free junior parkrunsessions happen in parks across Leeds on Sunday mornings (up to age 14), or free skating/boarding sessions are on offer in Roundhay, Cross Flatts and Potternewton parks with LS-TEN.

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