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Gambling (18 and over)

Half of the UK population gamble and most of us view it as a social or entertainment activity that does not cause serious harm. However there is growing evidence that if you gamble frequently, you are at higher risk of experiencing financial or mental health problems. Gambling addiction can have a devastating impact on people’s lives and those around them.

If taking part in gambling has become a problem for you, or someone close to you, then it is important to talk about it with someone you trust or seek help.

Leeds Community Gambling Service provides free and confidential advice, support and treatment that is available for individuals, families and communities affected by gambling-related harm.

The NHS Northern Gambling Service is based in Leeds and works across the North of England.  The service offers specialist addiction therapy and recovery to people affected by gambling addiction, as well as supporting those gamblers who are experiencing mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, trauma, and suicidal feelings.

Tips for safer gambling

  • Gambling when feeling low, angry or upset may cause you to take risks that you regret later.
  • A combination of gambling, drink and/or drugs will make you less able to make rational decisions.
  • It’s time to talk if gambling starts to interfere with your personal relationships.
  • Set your limits for time and money and stick to them

Gambling is not a way to make money – the house always wins!

National Gambling Helpline

Information or brief advice for anyone affected by gambling problems. Chat function and forums available.

Find out more Call 08088020133

Self help information

Practical tools and resources to help people affected by gambling.

Go to GamCare

Leeds Community Gambling Service

Information, advice, 1-1 support, recovery groups.

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NHS Northern Gambling Service

Specialist addiction therapy and recovery, 1-1 or in a group.

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