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MindMate professionals

A free app to help manage the urge to self-harm

Young people in Leeds who self-harm are being encouraged to download the Calm Harm app. The app helps you resist or manage the urge to self-harm; it has a number of activities including breathing techniques to help reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety.

You can download the Calm Harm app from App Store and Google Play.

The app is password protected and collects minimal information about you, which makes it very discrete. This does mean that if you delete the app or change phones, then your data will be lost. The Calm Harm app is an aid to treatment, but does not replace treatment. If you need to access self-harm services, please visit ‘What’s in Leeds for me?

Existing Calm Harm app users will notice a change to the app from early April as the Leeds version will no longer be available.  While the app will no longer display the MindMate characters it remains the same in every other way and you won’t lose any data you have entered.