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MindMate professionals

Meet the team

MindMate Leeds is a collaboration between young people and professionals in the city, commissioned by Leeds Health and Care Partnership, on behalf of NHS West Yorkshire Integrated Care Board (Leeds office) and Future in Mind, Leeds.

Abi, MindMate Ambassador

I am currently doing a degree in psychology and I’m so excited to use both my own stories and new knowledge from my degree to help support young people’s mental health! Awareness of mental health and resources like MindMate is so important and I can’t wait to be working towards spreading this knowledge and helping to boost young people’s wellbeing.

Alix, MindMate Ambassdor

I am a psychology student with a dedication to helping people receive the mental health support they need and deserve. I want to be part of a system that eradicates the stigma around not being okay! By using my own lived experience I hope to provide an understanding and guiding perspective for those young people who don’t know where to turn.

Kaiden, MindMate Ambassador

I have lived experience in mental health and I would like to use my experience to show and help young people that it’s okay to feel how you feel how they feel because it’s okay not to be okay

Morven, MindMate Ambassador

I’m a BSc Geography student with a passion for Mental Health and SEND support! I want to give back to the systems that helped me by using my lived experience to ensure other young people are able to access the support they need!

Feli, MindMate Ambassador

I’m an undergraduate student at University and interested in all things art! I write poetry, paint and love to crochet. I have experienced mental health issues in the past and want to help reduce the stigma around support-through Mindmate I’d love to cultivate the awareness and education surrounding mental health.

Liz, Common Room

I help children, young people and families in Leeds work alongside MindMate and the Future in Mind Programme Board, enabling them to have a say about plans in the city, and about the support and information available. I manage the MindMate Ambassador team and also facilitate the MindMate Professional Approval panel to ensure information on this site is clinically safe and evidence based.

Saira, Early Help, Children and Families, LCC

My role as the lead for Health & Wellbeing Services is to manage the services which support the schools/settings. This involves training, advising, supporting and assessing the whole school approach to practice, provision, policies, curriculum, and teaching in schools. We have a number of frameworks, programmes and resources to help schools – find out more here

Alex, ICB in Leeds

My role as a GP and Clinical Lead is to bring independent clinical knowledge, experience and insight to help children, young people and families get the right support, at the right time and in the right place for their mental health needs. This involves working with different people and organisations to understand what works well and what needs to improve, so that people can experience better care and help improve the health of those who need it most.

Steph, ICB in Leeds

My role is to provide communications support to MindMate. This includes supporting with social media and planning campaigns, and helping to raise awareness of MindMate among professionals and the public.


About the MindMate Ambassador team

We are a small team of part-time MindMate employees between 17 and 23 years here to represent young people and their views and help make MindMate relevant to young people.  We all have lived experience or know people who are closely affected by mental health issues and the support systems in Leeds.

What we do

We have one main goal which is to reduce stigma around mental health and create a more open conversation about how young people are actually feeling. We do all sorts of work in the city to help promote MindMate. We visit schools and colleges to talk to students about mental health and make sure they know about MindMate and all the information and services which are available to them to support their mental health.  We take part in conferences, board meetings, commissioning panels and other meetings about plans for the city. We’ve also written blogs, recorded podcasts and helped design and write parts of the website. Check out the MindMate YouTube Channel to see some of our work and hear from other young people in Leeds