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When you’re struggling with your feelings it can sometimes seem like you’re the only one who feels the way you do. But you’re not alone. Lots of other people deal with similar problems all the time – you just might not know it.

Real Stories are created by MindMate, to share stories from young people in Leeds who have had problems with their mental health. We’ll be adding more stories over the next few months so please check back again soon.

For more information about the issues raised, look out for the pop-ups throughout the films or see our ‘Common issues’ section on the MindMate website.

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Robbie's story
I look forward to it ...I always have a natter and a laugh
What I love about comics is, you can immerse yourself in it all
I'd gone from having everything
I’d just got a promotion at my job was ready to move out and get down on one knee… And then it just all went…
Living independently
I didn’t really want to talk to people I thought if I did I was admitting a sign of weakness
Who to talk to?
I was more scared of getting shunned So I just kept my mouth shut and buried my head in the sand
I felt like I was fighting a losing battle I couldn’t get out of it
About depression
I kept it all bottled up
Some battles leave scars, some you can’t see
...Listening to other people’s stories what they do to cope That put things into perspective for me
Getting help from people around you
How do I go about getting help?
Finding the right service for you
It's brought a smile to my face
My friends and family make the impossible possible
wouldn’t be where I am today, right now, if it hadn't of been for them.

A final note from Robbie

Don’t be afraid to talk to someone, if it does get hard, get it off your chest, don’t be afraid.
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