A collection of short stories about feelings from young people in Leeds.
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About Real Stories

When you’re struggling with your feelings it can sometimes seem like you’re the only one who feels the way you do. But you’re not alone. Lots of other people deal with similar problems all the time - you just might not know it.

Real Stories was created by MindMate, to share stories from young people in Leeds who have had problems with their mental health. We’ll be adding more stories over the next few months so please check back again soon.

For more information about the issues raised, look out for the pop-ups throughout the films or see our ‘Common issues’ section on the MindMate website.

Send your story

Would you like to feature on MindMate's 'Real Stories’?

Have you experienced panic attacks and could describe how it feels?

Have you been stressed about exams and found it difficult to cope?

Have you been bullied in the past for being 'different'?

If any of these sounds like you, we'd love to hear from you!

Please contact us if you're interested.* You might be able to appear in the next MindMate Real Story or you could blog for us about your experience.

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*Unfortunately, we can't promise to include everyone who comes forward, but we will reply to every email we receive as soon as we can.

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