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ND assessment and diagnosis for children aged 0-4 years

This page provides information for neurodevelopmental (autism and/or ADHD) assessment and diagnosis in Leeds for children aged 0-4 years.

Questions about autism assessments for children aged 0-4 years

Complex Communication and Autism assessment

We are currently not able to provide pre-school aged autism assessments (Complex Communication and Autism Assessments (CCAA)) as we do not have the right mix of healthcare professionals to be able to offer a safe and standardised autism assessment.

This is because there is a shortage of a certain type of skilled professionals across the country and we have been affected by this in Leeds. This is why we have taken the difficult decision to stop the assessments until we are able to replace the skilled professionals.

We may need to continue to stop assessments until we are able to recruit the right team for a safe and standard assessment to take place. We will write to families of children waiting for a Complex Communication and Autism assessment to update them when we have clear plans in place for resuming assessments.

It’s still highly recommended that preschool children, their families and professionals follow the steps above to access support from the Children’s Speech and Language Therapy Service , Paediatricians and Audiology Services to seek support.

Alternatively, you also have the right to choose a different provider. If you wish to be referred to another provider you should:

  • Decide which other NHS contracted provider you want to assess your child (your GP will have a list of providers who you can access).
  • Make an appointment for your child to see their GP and ask them to make a referral to your chosen provider.
  • Fill in this questionnaire and take it to your GP appointment. This will support your decision and help make the appointment easier.
  • If the other provider you have chosen is commissioned by the NHS, your GP may be able to refer you directly to them.
  • If they are not commissioned by the NHS, your GP will not be able to refer you but will give you information about the other choices available that they are aware of.

It’s important you know that the waiting times at other providers may not be shorter than the current waiting time at Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust. At the moment children on the preschool autism assessment waiting list are waiting for a maximum of 18 months in our service.

Other providers will offer a diagnostic assessment but will not be able to provide ongoing support. After the assessment they will refer your child back into the Leeds system if this is required.

If your child is currently on the Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Complex Communication and Autism Assessment (CCAA) waiting list and your child is then referred and accepted to be seen by a different service provider for their assessment, we ask that you kindly let us know this. We can then take them off the NHS waiting list to avoid duplication and wasted appointments.

Leeds are keen to continue to serve our families within the best of our abilities. Any child who is currently on the waiting list will remain on the waiting list until we are able to change the stop on assessments.

The team within Leeds appreciate your patience and will continue to endeavour to build up our team with a view to re-start the assessments. Information will continue to be updated on the ND Hub pages as it becomes available.


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