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Going shopping

Shops can be very busy, unpredictable environments. Shopping environments also often have strong sensory stimuli, e.g. strong lighting, smells, visual displays, noisy flooring etc. These environments can be very overwhelming and uncomfortable, particularly for neurodivergent individuals.

There are a range of resources available to provide further information and support below, including information on quieter shopping sessions which may be less overwhelming for you and your child.

Shopping checklist

This checklist from Infiniteach may help your child think about what to expect when going shopping.

Go to shopping checklist

White Rose Shopping Centre Guide

This visual guide to the White Rose centre can help you plan your trip.

View guide

Trinity Leeds social stores

Trinity Leeds have provided autism friendly social stories and photos of what to expect when visiting their shopping centre.

Visit Trinity Leeds website

Morrisons quieter hour

Morrisons Quieter Hour is every Saturday 9am – 10am.

Go to Morrisons website

The Entertainer quiet hour

The Entertainer Quiet Hour is every morning for the first hour of opening.

Go to The Entertainer website

St John's quiet Sundays

St John’s Centre Quiet Sundays is on the last Sunday of each month, all day.

Go to St John's website

Trinity Leeds quiet hour

Trinity Leeds’s Quiet Hour is every Tuesday 10am – 11am. Sensory toys and sunflower lanyards are available from the Guest Services team on the first floor.

Go to Trinity Leeds website

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