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Physical health

Problems with physical health can cause increased anxiety in neurodivergent children. But there’s a range of resources available to keep you informed and help you plan ahead.

Autism and hospital visits

The NHS Leeds Teaching Hospitals Learning Disability and Autism Team have Autism-friendly information about hospital admissions to help you and your child prepare for hospital visits. This includes hospital passport templates to help hospital staff to understand you and your child’s needs.

Read about hospital visits

Autism and coronavirus

The Leeds STARS team have Autism-friendly information about Coronavirus and health-related anxiety

Read about autism and coronavirus

Autism and anxiety around coronavirus

The Covid-19 pandemic can be especially confusing and frightening for neurodiverse people, who may already experience anxiety around illness and contamination. This resource from Ambitious about Autism includes tips for young autistic people who are struggling with health anxiety relating to Covid-19.

Read about anxiety around coronavirus

Creating a hospital passport

Ambitious about Autism have provided a template for a ‘hospital passport’ so that hospital staff know how best to support you and your child.

Go to hospital passport

Washing hands information

InfiniTeach have produced an easy-read resource explaining the importance of hand washing and how to wash your hands effectively.

Read about washing hands

Hygiene chart template

InfiniTeach have produced a hygiene chart to help motivate children and young people interested in cars to take responsibility for their hygiene.

Go to hygiene template

Suzie goes to the dentist

This children’s book about a child going to the dentist for a check-up may help your child to understand what happens at the dentist and what they might see.

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